Restoration Oldtimers

Restoration of a vehicle takes much more than a new coating of paint. The next items require special attention; frame, suspension, engine, driving belt, brakes, coachwork, interior, electrical equipment, cooling and heating system etc.

There is a big difference between a full restoration, a partly restoration and major and minor repairs of any part of the car. It is not always necessary to consider a full renovation.


The determining factors for the restoration are the condition of all components and parts of the vehicle and the expectations of the owner/client. In case of a restoration, in our point of view considered as a “complete restoration”, the vehicle is tested and checked on any potential defects registered before any demounting . Only in second place we can pass on to demounting the car, always accompanied by thorough investigation of the disassembled parts. The third phase takes mapping out of the replaceable and repairable parts and the time planning. Only at this stage, a realistic cost price can be estimated.

However, we can schedule a quite real overview of the job we are facing together after a preceding investigation. We use skill, workmanship and experience for the realisation of this adventure.